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The Sleeve Gun air source has several key advantages over traditional air guns.
It provides

• Increased safety of operation. Sleeve Gun can be immersed and removed from the water without pressure;

• Reliable stability and repeatability of the signature. Traditional air guns use multiple compressed air outlet holes, and the resulting bubbles can affect each other in unpredictable and non-repetitive ways. The pneumatic guns of the Sleeve Gun use a single outlet valve, resulting in a spherical bubble identical to the all 360° and a stably repeatable interaction with adjacent guns

20 inch3 / 328 см3
42 lbs / 19 кг
15,2 in / 38 см
Выходное давление - Без фильтра
1,67 bar-m
Выходное давление - 0-128 Гц
0,47 bar-m
Напряжение электромагнитного клапана
40 – 60 В (DC)