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October 26, LLC SPLIT CEO Eugene Biryukov, Deputy Director General for science A. Dolgacev, Deputy General Director for production Ilya Pronin took part in the inspection of the vessel «Ladoga» in the Lomonosov port.

This research vessel was built by order of Russian Navy and launched in July 2016. The purposes of the vessel are testing special technical means, participating in search and rescue operations and conducting research and oceanographic studies.

The inspection identified the necessary improvements to the project of the vessel for its further use in solving engineering problems in the construction of a Cross-sectoral marine technological cluster.

The creation of this cluster is supported by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. Many scientific organizations are interested in its implementation.

The main objectives of the Marine technological cluster are

* Training of scientific and engineering personnel of a new generation for marine research (geological and geophysical, geochemical, engineering, biological, environmental, meteorological, oceanographic) on the shelf and deep-sea zones of the world Ocean;

* Systematic development of research capacity (both acquiring new knowledge about the Ocean and developing engineering and methodological solutions for marine work) and solving fundamental and applied scientific problems;

* Implementation of high-tech service projects;

* Restoration of the high reputation and long-term presence of the Russian scientific fleet in the international arena.