/   News   /   SplitMultiseis 3D seismic complex test run took place in Gelendgik

During the XII International exhibition and scientific sea aviation conference “HYDROAVIASALON-2018″ (Geledzhik, Blue Bay) SplitMultiSeis 3D seismic complex test trials and demonstration took place.

Minister of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation Oleg Ryazantsev visited the demonstration. The trials have been successful and proved the complex ready for application in shallow waters and shelf areas.

In addition, on September 7, our employees took part at a round table “Creating a national unified hardware and software complex for area (3D) high-resolution and ultrahigh-resolution seabed investigations for the study and exploration of various types of mineral resources and engineering-geophysical surveys”, which was held as part of the business program of Hydroaviasalon.