/   History

OOO “SPLIT” (a limited liability company under the laws of the Russian Federation) was founded in 2011 as a science company and deals with research activities including:

  • Research and development in natural sciences and engineering;
  • Geological exploration, geophysical and geochemical works in subsoil resources study;
  • Testing and analysis in soil survey.

The first few years of the company were marked by the participation of “SPLIT” employees in the projects of our main partners – OOO “MSU Center for Marine Research”, OOO “MSU Center for Seismic Data Analysis”, OOO “Deco-Geophysics”. The experience gained over the years of close cooperation has allowed us to raise professionals, who are currently the most valuable staff members and occupy leading roles in the company.

The specifics of “SPLIT”’s activities determined the need to join the SKOLKOVO innovation center as a resident of the nuclear cluster. In 2013, the involvement in Technopark activities increased, forcing the introduction and promotion of our own developments.

The next key moment in the company history was the development of innovative technology SplitMultiSeis in 2014. Creating, testing and commissioning this complex determined the successful development of OOO “SPLIT” in the future.

In 2015 Evgeny Biryukov was appointed General Director of the company, that was an important personnel change. Evgeny chose an active and competent approach to organizing company’s work. This resulted in strengthening of the positions of “SPLIT” and its further development as an independent player in the marine seismic services market.

Since 2015, there has been a steady increase in the number of marine engineering and geophysical projects carried out by the employees of “SPLIT” using its own methods of shooting and equipment. By 2017 the company has completed 20 projects in the Arctic seas. On the basis of hardware and software complex SplitMultiSeis it has introduced a unique technology of three-dimensional high-resolution engineering seismic SplitMultiSeis 3D.

Today “SPLIT” consists of 28 employees, more than 20 pieces of modern equipment for marine seismic surveys, 5 pieces of software and equipment developed by “SPLIT”, more than 20 completed projects covering the Arctic sea, Black sea, Japan sea, Onega and Ladoga lakes, Baikal lake, etc.